Open Range Below Wheeler Peak

Oil 10 x 20


Riders in the Sage

8 x 10


High Desert Spring

12 x 16


High Noon at the Pond

14 x 11


Glorious Fall

10 x 20





September in Taos

9 x 12


Evening at Taos Pueblo

Oil 8 x 10

​$ 325.

Poppy Time

9 x 12


Abundance of Hollyhocks

Oil 8 x 10


     A native of Berlin, Germany, I moved to Taos in 2006.
    I’ve been visiting Berlin’s varied museums and enjoying the art of many centuries throughout my childhood and I was always drawn to paintings.

    Inspired by the Impressionists I started studying and painting in my early twenties. Canvas and brushes went into storage when life demanded my time and attention in other areas. 

    Grandma Moses’ late start as artist was motivation to pick up the brushes again in later years. I feel fortunate to have met wonderful artists and generous teachers along the way.
    Growing up surrounded by a city landscape, I yearned to be in nature. Taos offers it in abundance. I found my dream.
    "Since moving to Taos, I am able to translate some of what makes every new day exciting and full of promise onto canvas. The colors, sweeping vistas and ever changing light of the Southwest, are a constant inspiration."