Time for Stories and Memories

Ever since Trent and I met, we had some quiet time before dinner. Often, a glass of wine was included. We reviewed the events of the day. Many times, it brought out a story from the past to be shared.
        As the children grew up, they were included and at first they mostly listened. Soon, they chimed in with an experience from the day.
        More times than not, we ended up talking about food. ‘How was lunch today?” Can you guess what’s for dinner?” Silence, while everyone tried to identify the aroma coming from the kitchen. ‘Spanish Rice – Yeah.’” With that we headed to dinner. The story time hour continues to this day.
          Some of my stories have been included in After The Bombs and Forks in the Road. I have remembered many that you may not have heard, they are part of this book. Some have been written after the children left home and built their own lives.
        Naturally, a few new favorite recipes are also included.

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