My New Life in America

FORKS IN THE ROAD - My New Life in America is the sequel to the memoir After The Bombs - MyBerlin.

After The Bombs concludes when I board the ocean liner that brought me to New York in 1963.

Many readers asked, "And then what happened?"

* * *

Follow Heidi as she takes unexpected forks in the road, and tirelessly negotiates them during the ensuing six decades in America.


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​ISBN 978-0-578-16879-1

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What They Say

"​An interesting read....Heidi Smith tells a good story."

                                                                            George Randall

"After enjoying Heidi's first book, 'After the Bombs', I was looking forward to reading the rest of her story, and she delivered with 'Forks in the Road'.  As in her first book, I found the stories’ time lines were clear and easy to follow and the book was hard to put down."

                                                                              Maret Wheeler

 "Just finished reading Forks In The Road. Very interesting reading. You've certainly lead an interesting life from arriving in America until now. Looking forward to another book???"  

                                                                                     Ed Paar

  "Your story would make an outstanding film!" 

                                                                                              Helen Richardson

"Simply told stories of a very busy life. Amazing what can happen with a mind wide open."  

                                                                              Karen Morgan

"Heidi Smith is proof - "Do not be afraid, it'll all work out just fine."

                                                               Annabel MacKenzie